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    Senin, 05 Desember 2016

    [Insect] A new species of the genus Cyparium from northern Sulawesi, Indonesia (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scaphidiinae)

    Abstract. A new species of scaphidiine beetle, Cyparium celebense sp. nov., is described from northern Sulawesi, and a key to the species of the genus Cyparium Erichson, 1845 from the Sunda Islands is provided.

    Key words. Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, shining fungus beetle, new species, key to species, Sunda Islands, Oriental Region

    Head. Almost black, clypeus and frons dark brown to reddish brown, mouth parts yellowish-brown. Antennomeres I–VI and apical half of XI brown to yellowish-brown; VII–X dark brown to black; XI light yellowish-brown. Head with eye width about 1.2 times as interocular distance. Punctation sparse and fine. Antennomeres I–VI with few macrosetae, VII–XI covered with some macrosetae; I about 2.5 times as long as VI; VI and VII each almost as long as wide; VIII–XI each wider than long; XI about twice as long as III and 2.5 times as long as VI (Fig. 1C).

    Thorax. Pronotum and elytra black, without iridescent luster. Tibiae and femur dark reddish-brown; tarsus lighter than tibiae and femur. Ventral surface almost black, except for dark reddish-brown coxae (Fig. 1A). Pronotum wider than long, with anterior bead. Punctation sparse and fine, as on head. Scutellum wider than long, with exposed apex. Hypomeron and lateral portion of mesoventrite smooth. Lateral portion of metaventrite coarsely and sparsely punctate. Elytra slightly wider than long, widest at basal third to fourth, lateral margins gradually narrowed apically, minutely serrate at inner part of posterior margin, latero-posterior margin with some setae. Disc of elytra with punctation coarser than that on pronotum, with five distinct and one indistinct rows of punctures; first row extending outwards along basal margin and joined with third row. Intervals between rows of punctures finely and sparsely punctate. Sutural striae extending outwards along basal margin to form basal striae, reaching humeral area and not joined with lateral striae. Mesocoxa almost as wide as space between them. Mesepimeron about twice as long as wide. Metepisternum about six times as long as
    wide, without longitudinal line. Metepimeron almost as long as wide. Metacoxa almost as wide as metacoxal process. Protarsomeres I–III each 1.2 times as long as IV; V 1.5 times as long as III and twice as long as IV. Mesotarsomeres I and V each 2.0 times as long as each II–IV. Metatarsomeres I and V 1.2 times as long as III; II 1.2 times as long as III or IV. 

    Abdomen. Propygidium and pygidium dark brown to black. Propygidium and pygidium with microsculptures. Median portion of ventrite I coarsely and sparsely punctate, with punctures slightly weaker than those on metaventrite. 

    Male. Pro- and mesotarsomeres I–III with tenent setae, not enlarged. Aedeagus 0.8 mm long; parameres symmetrical, slightly enlarged subapically and narrowed apically (Fig. 2A); internal sac without sclerites, covered with fine scale-like and denticulate structures (Figs 1B, 2B).

    Female. Pro- and mesotarsomeres I–III without tenent setae, not enlarged. Ovipositor simple; bursa copulatrix sclerotized, broadly triangular (Fig. 2C). Spermatheca not detected. Measurements (n = 3). Length (PL+EL): 2.13–2.36 mm. PW: 1.31–1.42 mm. EW: 1.44–1.67 mm. HW: 0.56–0.60 mm. ID: 0.16–0.18 mm. PL/PW: 0.64–0.67, EL/EW: 0.84–0.89. Approximate ratio of each antennal segment in length (width) (n = 1) = 1.5 (0.6) : 1.1 (0.5) : 1.0 (0.4) : 0.8 (0.4) : 0.9 (0.5) : 0.6 (0.6) : 0.9 (1.0) : 0.8 (1.1) : 0.8 (1.3) : 0.9 (1.4) : 1.6 (1.4).

    Ryo Ogawa, Ivan Löbl & Kaoru Maeto. 2016. A new species of the genus Cyparium from northern Sulawesi, Indonesia (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scaphidiinae). Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae, 56(1).

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